Miamouz - Who's that?

Hullo! 🌼

I am Miamouz and a small artist from Germany. I love everything cute and I am always on the lookout for small things that make me smile.

With my art I want to achieve the same for you. The best feeling in the world is watching someone inspecting my work and to see a smile on their face. 🥰

I started creating Enamel Pins in 2019 and have since created more than 200 pins - mostly animal designs - and I have started to create more original merch such as stationery, apparel and accessories and prints.

Recently I've started boothing on manga and comic conventions like Leipzig Book Faire, Polaris or DoKomi and will be attending many more faires and cons in the future. If you want to pay me a visit at my booth you can always check out the conventions tab in the menu above. I'm always happy to meet someone new! 💕

All my products are hand-drawn, handmade and designed by me. So if you'd like to buy anything I made I'm absolutely grateful for your appreciation and support! 💗

Have a lovely day!