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Proud | Rainbow Flag LGBTQIA+ | Collar Hard Enamel Pins | Mini Pin |Rainbow Flag | Pride Month | Miamouz

Proud | Rainbow Flag LGBTQIA+ | Collar Hard Enamel Pins | Mini Pin |Rainbow Flag | Pride Month | Miamouz

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🌈 Welcome to the Pride Potions series!🌈

🎨 Celebrate love, diversity, and inclusivity with collection of vibrant hard enamel pins, each adorned with a unique LGBTQIA+ pride flag. These beautifully crafted pins are more than just accessories: they are symbols of identity and empowerment.

🌈 Featuring a variety of pride flags, including the iconic rainbow flag and an array of flags representing the diverse spectrum of LGBTQIA+ identities: lesbian, bisexual, gay, pansexual, nonbinary, transgender, aromantic, asexual, genderqueer, demigirl, demiboy, intersex, and allied pride. Each flag is meticulously designed to capture the spirit and colors that represent these communities, making them perfect for wearing with pride or displaying on your favorite accessories.

🍃 All normal grade pins come with a cute matching backing card made out of recycled cardboard and can be given away!

💕 Our pride pins make meaningful gifts for those dear to your heart. They are ideal for LGBTQIA+ individuals who want to embrace and celebrate their identities, as well as allies who want to show their support and solidarity. Whether it's a birthday, a pride event, or simply a token of love and acceptance, these pins carry a powerful message of inclusivity and belonging.


🎨 About this Pin 🎨

⭐ 4 Different Colours Available
⭐ 11mm x 20mm (0.43" x 0.78")
⭐ 1,5mm thickness
⭐ 1 Metal Butterfly Clutches

🎁 It is perfect as a little gift for your friends, mom present or as a gift for your girlfriend. You can also use it as fashionable accessory for your favourite backpack, jacket, cap or any other clothes or even display it on your favourite pin board.
In my Shop you can also find cute or elegant pin banners so you can show off your nicest pins on your walls: SOON


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🩹 Seconds: Seconds, B-Grade or Oopsie Pins are pins that have small flaws. They are perfect for everyday use or for people who like to make a bargain.
This can include scratches, under- or overfilled enamel, small dust particles or bubbles in enamel, rough coating on the plating, slight misaligned printing, small area of missing enamel and so on. If you are a pin collector and want perfect condition I'd suggest buying a normal grade pin. If you don't mind small flaws the oopsie pin is a nice alternative.

I also offer Second Sale Mystery Bags with an even greater discount:

💗 Check out my Etsy Shop for more beautiful and cute pin designs, stationery, apparel and downloadable content:

💌 About handling time: All pins are in stock except for pre-orders and will be shipped out within 4 days. I usually send out each monday and thursday.

All bigger items such as pins, keychains and more are shipped in sturdy recycled cardboard boxes from Germany.

About Shipping: Germany: 1-3 Days; Europe: 1-4 weeks; Worldwide: 1-8 weeks
About Tracking: International orders containing atleast one pin or more are shipped with tracking. For smaller items such as sticker sheets you can upgrade your order to tracked shipping.
Orders within germany are usually sent out without tracking but can be upgraded to tracked shipping (Einschreiben Einwurf) as well. This doesn't include big orders featuring ceramic mugs. These are always shipped tracked.


💌 Please message me on Etsy if you have any questions about shipping, my shop or the product.
For business inquiries such as wholesale you can send an email to studiomiamouz [at] gmail [dot] com.


❤️ All designs in my shop are handmade and hand-drawn by myself, Miamouz. Please refrain from copying or stealing my artistic work.

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✨ Please note colours may vary on different screens. ✨
This item is not suitable for infants. There's a risk of suffocation of small parts and risk of injury from the needle.
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