Enamel Pin Quality Guide

My Enamel Pins are sorted in different categories: Normal Quality and Oopsie Quality

All Pins are graded and inspected before going live but because the handmade nature of pins they can have small imperfections. No pin will be 100% perfect. Please keep this in mind when purchasing Enamel Pins in my art shop. I don't offer Collectors Quality.

Normal Quality

Normal Quality Pins offer the best quality you can get in my shop. They will have almost no imperfections but due to them being handmade can have tiny errors such as:

  • Tiny scratches, buff marks on the enamel or metal - mostly only visible when held under certain light
  • Slightly uneven areas
  • Minor discolorations or unevenness in the metal areas

Oopsie Quality

Oopsies are Enamel Pins that have flaws more noticeable. These pins can be purchased at a discounted price and are perfect for everyday use. The imperfections Oopsies can have:

  • Bigger scratches or marks
  • Obvious, large stains
  • Oxidisation on the metal parts
  • Misaligned or missing screenprinting
  • Missing Enamel in small areas
  • Overfilled enamel
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