Pawsome Pets Survey

Hello dear pet friends 🐈🐕

Here you can see every design unlocked which is available through the Kickstarter survey. Please click each design you backed for in the survey over on Kickstarter.

If you'd like to add another pin, keychain or something else (does work for every item in my shop), you can do so by buying the items here in my shop at Please contact me via my contact form or dm on Kickstarter so I can connect your additional order with your pledge.

Use code PAWSOMEPETSPREORDER for free shipping to combine both orders.

Please keep in mind that the keychains, sticker designs have a more hand-drawn look to them. I just didn't include those in the graphic so the amount of artworks isn't overwhelming.

If you like to receive more than 1 pin/keychain/sticker per design, please add a short note in the text box at the end of the survey.

You can choose your favorite cats between those pin, keychain and sticker designs.
Lastly you can choose between these sticker sheets.
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